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#931 Direct editation: (¬A) ∧ B = ¬(A ∧ B) ??
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Type: bug
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Hi, I'm trying to edit AS3 in FFD (which, though buggy in some places, looks quite good!). So I got this bit of code in the original file : « if(!this.can_rebuy && (FP.game_world.player.items.Contains(this.item_id))) { code here } » (to make it more simple: if(not(A) AND B), then... ) When I try to save the file, the code is changed to : « if(!(this.can_rebuy && FP.game_world.player.items.Contains(this.item_id))) { code here } » ( if(not(A AND B)), then... ) I don't know much about AS, but the two conditions are obviously not the same. You would have ¬A∧B = ¬(A∧B)?? I guess the code is “deobfuscated” just before being compiled and leads to this logic mistake. The thing, though, is that Automatic Deobfuscation is off. So is there a way for me to completely stop Deobfuscation, even when editing? Or is my problem coming from some other source? Thanks!
Hi again! First, as the dev mentionned in another thread, using nightly does the trick. Second, I found a way to stop this rearranging of the code. When you've done the change, click the Reload button. The software will close and reopen, and your code won't be changed, so you'll be able to save the code as you left it (though I guess you have to check the 'Save session on exit' setting). It's a bit sad, though, that you have to do that each time. Isn't there a better way?
So much for me... The changes you make to the code aren't save when you click reload. So ignore my second statement just above and return to this question : «Is there a way for me to completely stop Deobfuscation, even when editing?» I mean, the particular issue I first mentioned was solved, but I still don't want FFD to rearrange my code. Just leave it as is.
Please attach your swf file. It would help JPEXS to solve this issue. You said that automatic deobfuccation is off => This is not a deobfuscation problem, this is a direct editing bug.
Title: Deobfuscation: (¬A) ∧ B = ¬(A ∧ B) ??→Direct editation: (¬A) ∧ B = ¬(A ∧ B) ??
Hi! It's this file. The part I'm talking about is under "Scripts > Texter > BuyDisplay". FYI: This SWF is NOT my own work. I'm implementing a french rendering of this (very good) videogame that you can find for free on game-hosting websites (such as Newgrounds, Armorgames...). I'll only keep the french version for myself. It'll help me to do a high-quality translation, since the dev of it told me he's interested localizations.
DownloadPhoenotopia.swf (26,533 KiB)
Thanks. Ok, this is definitely an FFDec bug, but if you want to only translate the strings in the script, you should use pcode editing, it is much more reliable (not experimental as the AS script editing - aka direct editation).
Thanks for the tip!
This was a bug and seems to be fixed. So I close this issue. Please create new issue if problem persists.
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