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#936 Replace shapes with png image from the command line
Author: user laforet
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: CommandlineShapes
State: closed Help

I have been trying to replace shapes in a number of .swf files with png images using the following command line input: ffdec.bat -replace input.swf output.swf %shapeID% image.png and it will yield the reponse below without actually attempting to make the replacement: "The specified tag type it[sic] not supported for import" This type of edit works perfectly from the GUI and it would be quite enabling to do the same for hundreds of files in the CLI with a script. Please find the tags dump of the file in question attached - the shapes I intend to replace all have tagID=2. I have tried v5.3.0 as well as v4.0.3 and they behave the same. Many thanks in advance Laforet
Downloadswfdump.txt (9 KiB)
Implemented, please try the latest nightly build.
State: new→upgraded
Hi again, I can confirmed that with nightly689 the command line is working as intended now. Thank you very much. I look forward to the next stable release. Thanks again Laforet
This should be already in stable version 6.0.0, too (it was released after my comment)
State: upgraded→closed