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#97 FFDec asks for Java 1.6.0
Author: user kuro
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I've just downloaded the zip file of ffdec 1.6.0 but when I double click on the exe file (even as administrator) it return me the following message: This application requires Java Runtime Enviroment 1.6.0 and lead me on Java download page. I've tried to reinstall Java without success. I tried and old version I had and worked fine (ffdec 1.5.0u1).
DownloadJava.jpg (12 KiB)
Which version of Java do you have? 32bit or 64bit? Please install the other one or install both.
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Installed both Version 7 Update 21 (x86 and x64) and rebboted the computer but still getting the message. (I'm on Windows 7 x64)
1) Move ffdec to writable folder (not program files) 2) Run ffdec.exe with parameter --l4j-debug From commandline: ffdec.exe --l4j-debug 3) Attach generated launch4j.log file here Thank you.
Here is the log.
Downloadlaunch4j.log (500 B)
4) Please open registry editor. - Go to start menu - To search field, enter "regedit.exe", press enter 5) In the left tree, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment\ 6) Export that branch via menu "File->Export". 7) Attach the .reg file here Thank you
reg for you.
DownloadJRE.reg (2 KiB)
There is a strange key "1.7u3". Do you have other java than "1.7.0 update 21" installed? Please go to Control panel -> Add or remove programs and check if there are more Javas. Thank you.
No I don't have other java, only Java 7 update 21 and Java 7 update 21 (64-bit), could it due to the fact that I had the bad idea of restore windows using the default System Restore some times ago?
Please doubleclick attached REG file. It will fix JRE registry so the EXE should work. I don't know how this situation arised. My colleague tells me it could be caused by automatic java updater which sometimes messes the things up.
DownloadJREfix.reg (412 B)
It worked :) Thank you.
You are welcome.
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