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#995 How to read that decompile result?
Author: user Serj
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
State: closed Help

Last if(§§pop()) what it should be ? _loc9_ = 0; while(_loc9_ < _loc12_.length) { _loc14_ = _loc12_[_loc9_] >> _loc7_ & 255; §§push(_loc14_ < _loc5_); if(!(§§dup(_loc14_ < _loc5_))) { §§pop(); §§push(_loc14_ == _loc5_); if(§§dup(_loc14_ == _loc5_)) { §§pop(); _loc13_--; §§push(_loc13_ >= 0); } §§push(§§pop()); } if(§§pop()) { _loc6_++; _loc11_[_loc9_] = 1; } _loc9_++; }
Your swf is probably obfuscated. JPEXS can improve the decompiler maybe if you attach your file.
It looks like improperly decompiled && / ||. Currently I work on some improvements on the §§ instructions. §§pop generally means that value is expected - it should be on the stack, but isn't. It would help us if you attach sample SWF file.
I looked for it. It seems that i already deleted this file. If ill find it ill make another issue. You may close this one.
Ok, we have a lot of examples, too. Probably when they are solved, this one is solved, too.
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