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#56 Some test output is left in this releaseSome test output is left in this releaseother closed user pepka
#57 Unknown instruction exception (AS3)Unknown instruction exception (AS3)bug closed user pepka
#58 ArrayIndexOutOfBound exception (AS3)ArrayIndexOutOfBound exception (AS3)bug closed user pepka
#64 Resolving registers for DefineFunction2 in AS 1/2Resolving registers for DefineFunction2 in AS 1/2bug closed user pepka
#69 RawABC tag for AS3RawABC tag for AS3feature closed user pepka
#75 If ... return, Commands in while condition (comma operator)If ... return, Commands in while condition (comma operator)bug closed user pepka
#79 DoInitAction decompilation problemDoInitAction decompilation problembug closed user pepka
#93 Switch + returnSwitch + returnbug closed user pepka
#94 AS2 ActionTry - register cast problemAS2 ActionTry - register cast problembug closed user pepka
#95 AS2 while(true)AS2 while(true)bug closed user pepka
#100 StackOverflowErrorStackOverflowErrorbug closed user pepka
#101 AS 1/2 while + increment/decrementAS 1/2 while + increment/decrementbug closed user pepka
#103 Missing blockMissing blockbug closed user pepka
#104 AS3: inc/dec loc NullpointerException, Multiple conditions in loopsAS3: inc/dec loc NullpointerException, Multiple conditions in loopsbug closed user pepka
#105 Infinite loopsInfinite loopsbug closed user pepka
#114 getPrecontinues(...) causes StackOverflowErrorgetPrecontinues(...) causes StackOverflowErrorbug closed user pepka
#170 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionbug closed user pepka
#171 Skipping invalid AS3 code - newobject, newarraySkipping invalid AS3 code - newobject, newarraybug closed user pepka
#172 AS1/2 checkPrecoNextParts() emptyness checks; not resolving constantsAS1/2 checkPrecoNextParts() emptyness checks; not resolving constantsbug closed user pepka
#196 AS3 switch issue / automatic deobfuscationAS3 switch issue / automatic deobfuscationbug closed user pepka
#197 Switch with no breaksSwitch with no breaksbug closed user pepka
#198 DefineFont2TagDefineFont2Tagbug closed user pepka
#210 Translation: Ukrainian, DutchTranslation: Ukrainian, Dutchother opened user pepka
#211 Automatic deobfuscationAutomatic deobfuscationfeature closed user pepka
#347 AS3 for loop with return decompiled as while inversedAS3 for loop with return decompiled as while inversedquestion closed user pepka
#348 Obfuscated case operatorObfuscated case operatorbug closed user pepka
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