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#1449 Translation: TurkishTranslation: Turkishother opened user osmanoz
#1087 Translation : ArabicTranslation : Arabicother opened user zLib
#1021 Translation: ItalianTranslation: Italianother opened user kalip
#913 Translations : Korean, JapaneseTranslations : Korean, Japaneseother opened user BaDaLim
#591 Translation: CatalanTranslation: Catalanother opened user jbadiella
#571 Translation: Portuguese - BrasilTranslation: Portuguese - Brasilother opened user realmaster42
#468 Translation : FrenchTranslation : Frenchfeature opened user gamuti
#363 Translation: PortugeseTranslation: Portugeseother opened user cenadacoisa
#355 Translation: ChineseTranslation: Chineseother opened user rtsjx
#354 New TranslationsNew Translationsother opened admin JPEXS
#325 Translation: SpanishTranslation: Spanishother opened user poxyran
#315 Translation: GermanTranslation: Germanother opened user krock
#224 Translation: SwedishTranslation: Swedishother opened user capasha
#219 Translation: HungarianTranslation: Hungarianother opened developer honfika
#217 Translation: RussianTranslation: Russianother opened user focus
#215 Wrong language in the downloadable translator packWrong language in the downloadable translator packquestion closed user capasha
#210 Translation: Ukrainian, DutchTranslation: Ukrainian, Dutchother opened user pepka
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