JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler Issue Tracker

Moving to GitHub

In the beginning of 2018, we changed our homepage to be on github: instead of "".
FFDec version 11.0.0 onwards references only the new Github homepage.


  • The main developer decided that it would be better the decompiler to not depend on any external site - domain, which might be unavailable in the future in case we decided to drop domain name or servers.
  • The new GitHub approach also has advantages - for example versioning of the homepage texts, to be truly opensource.
  • In case we drop decompiler support completely in the future, anyone can continue it using GitHub.

What has moved

What's left on the original domain

  • Issue tracker
  • Guestbook

What's currently unavailable from original page and will be (probably) moved somewhere

  • Screenshots
  • FAQ
  • Donations page
  • Awards page
  • New version email notifications (when checked in issue tracker)
  • PAD file generation
  • Links section
  • AS3 instruction list from Links section
  • News section