Announcement - end of 2013

Dear users,

The end of the year 2013 is nearby and it is time to say some words about past and the future of our Decompiler.

2013 was great. We built great application with many satisfied users (I hope) and
also few angry competitors (Sorry, pals). I wish the development continued next year as well. I promise we are NOT planning to stop or cancel the project yet.
Also we will try to keep the project free and opensource, the way you all love it for.

As you may noticed, I have not been working on FFDec much during few past months.

I am busy doing other things than programming during my free time.
I have regular fulltime job and I want to have some personal life too,
I would really like to finally find someone to love so I was searching for a girlfriend
and that's in fact the reason I haven' touched FFDec code for a long time.

Luckily I found somebody who can help a little bit with some issues here.
Honfika already fixed few issues and also implemented some new features.

Maybe there is some of you who would like to help us with futher development too.
If you know Java language and you are interested in Flash internals, feel free to contact
me on my email (See Contact page), or you can look in the issue tracker that is currently full
of unfinished issues to find something you would like to implement.

The next thing is translations. There are 11 existing localizations of FFDec,
we would really enjoy if users can help us translate to other languages too.
For example we have many users from France and there is no french translation yet*.
Please see translations page if you interested.

This is also right time to thank you. I would like to thank all people who participated
on FFDec development, testing, reporting, translations or just donated money to support us.
Also thanks to users who enjoy our product. We are happy when you use our product and
recommend it to other people.

Ok, so that's it. I wish you happy holidays if you have any and beatiful year 2014.

Jindra Petřík

also known as


creator of the Free Flash Decompiler

*Edit After my post here, one user asked to do the french and now he is working on it. However, we will still be glad for more localizations so do not hesitate and contact us. Thank you very much!