A little info about Deobfuscation and its future

I recently marked couple issues in the issue tracker as postponed.
The reason is simple - these issues are about deobfuscation.
FFDec uses some technics to try to restore obfuscated actionscript code (some people call it "crypted"). These technics sometimes work, sometimes not. They are not very reliable. But for some users, it is better than nothing (better than crashing the decompiler, as some other commecial decompilers do).
There are surely many bugs and many obfuscation tricks that FFDec cannot handle and generates errors. I thought it would be nice to handle everything, but this is nearly impossible. There exist many obfuscators with different tricks.

I have recently realised that it is neverending story and unfortunately everytime I modify the deobfuscation code, other SWFs that worked earlier no longer work and this happens over and over again. The result is that I am not really in the mood for fixing this anymore. It is very annoying, takes a lot of time to investigate and the outcome is questionable.

Why am I telling you this? Because in the future I want to focus on other things than deobfuscation. There are many amazing features that can be implemented. I don't want to stuck trying to defeat those obfuscators in this neverending war. I would rather concentrate to make FFDec better editor, build new features, not just fixing bugs with same topic.

Ok, so what is the solution: I will no longer invest my time to solving issues regarding obfuscated ActionScript code. Existing issues with this topic are (/will be) marked as postponed. Maybe I will open them again in the future but probably they will stay untouched for a long time. If somebody post issue and we detect that it about obfuscated actionscript, I will mark it as postponed too.
I am very sorry to say this, but I hope you understand.

I don't want to remove existing deobfuscation algorithm from FFDec, but maybe we can make it disabled as default. Currently the automatic deobfuscation is on from the beginning and this causes problems sometimes. We will think about it.

Jindra Petřík

also known as


creator of the Free Flash Decompiler

P.S. I don't want to speak for everybody, maybe my colleague Honfika will continue with it but I don't give it much chances, sorry.