Problems with the Issue Tracker in June/2014

Dear users,

I write this to inform you about the incident which happened in the past weeks (second half of June 2014). I would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused.

What happened

In June I enjoyed my long planned vacation in the Spain, 14 days of tour through many cities of the whole country. Meanwhile my webhoster decided to upgrade SQL database to the latest version. Unfortunately, all our triggers regarding issue tracker and nightly revisions stopped working. I though they were deleted, but the SQL database said something about wrong syntax.

I figured out it after I returned back home to Czech Republic. I had internet there so I knew something is wrong. But I cannot fix it without my PC obviously...


In the beginning of week of 23th June I made the tracker readonly and tried to fix the problems. It took few days till I found a solution without triggers. I think as now () it's all working again. You can post messages to the issue tracker as well as create new issues.

Lost data

During the issue tracker outage, some users tried to insert new posts in the tracker as well as new issues. Few issue changes I received mail about were successfully restored. Unfortunately all new issues submitted during the period were lost irreversibly. There were totally about 15 issues lost this way (numbers around #600). If you are one of the people who tried to insert the issue but got "FFFFUUU Not found" page, please insert your issue again now, it should work.

What was untouched

All other issues data, guestbook, stable builds, repository were online all the time, no data loss here. Regular users which only download stable versions and do not use website more probably haven't noticed anything.


I will drop the idea of using triggers and try to make backups more often. Or maybe different webhosting, they were not really helpful.

I hope you will not abandon us and still send valuable bug reports or feature requests. This is very embarrasing for us, but it's not our fault, sorry. Thank you all for bearing with us!

Jindra Petřík

also known as


creator of the Free Flash Decompiler