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FLA specification request to Adobe

I sent a feature request to Adobe for releasing FLA file format specifications on . They will probably ignore me, but just in case... Currently, our decompiler does not export in old FLA formats before CS5 and I am trying to find a way how to do it without disassembling any FLA producer.

Following is the request text:
*******Enhancement / FMR*********
Brief title for your desired feature: Release FLA file format specification (old and new)

How would you like the feature to work?
You publish documents with specifications on
1) how data in old format
(based on MS Compound Document) are stored. Data types, possible values,
etc, Starting version let's say Flash MX (?)
2) which elements/attributes are possible in new XFL format, value meaning, etc.

Why is this feature important to you?
I am author of free flash decompiler called JPEXS and want to produce FLA
files. Now I only can do XFLs to some point of accuracy, but it is only
based on my investigation. I think the file format should be public with
all the specification released. You already released SWF specification and
AVM2 specification (which are a bit outdated, but still at least something).

I know you are a big company and want to keep secrets and receive money, but this is unfair to me.
It looks like you are partner with the famous commercial decompilers (Sothink, Trillix) and it seems
like you provide the specification to them. How do they ever create FLA binary format
if you don't give them the specs?
Or do they have large team of reverse engineers? I suppose not.
But they probably pays you for the specs, so that's why you partner with them, don't you?

I don't give it much chances, you will probably ignore my request, but I had to try...

I think you could at least open the old FLA format specification.
Your current Flash CC can no longer store in that old format.
So why is so important to you the old format to stay closed?

Thank you for any answer!

Jindrich Petrik aka JPEXS
(author of JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler)