Nice email with amazing story

We've got a very nice email from our happy user:

Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2015 21:22:00 +0100 (CET)
From: Mike <>
Subject: Please Read - My Success Story in Regards to JPEXS Flash Decompiler

Dear JPEXS Team.

I am a Web Developer and Programmer myself and this is my success story in regards to JPEXS Flash Decompiler.

We have a Website that uses highly advanced Flash SWF files. Long time ago we lost the original FLA files for used for the Flash.

And since I have used ALL the top Flash Decompilers out there in order to edit our Flash files. Such as Trillix to Sothink Flash Decomilers have been a huge failure in our case. Because Decompiling our SWF to FLA with it lost the Original Graphics and Images that were totally damaged. Which eventurally had lost all its true colors.

We were in big dillemma because our Website was only working with Flash back then. We simply tried to Re-Create the broken Images by re-adding them again one by one. And that took us 3-5 months to do so.

After that we built the FLA to SWF. What we noticed next was un-imaginable. Now suddenly the size of the SWF were increased with 300% Percent. We could simply not go move on without the flash, so we have been using the same Flash file for 3-4 years now. Which eventually has caused a lot of Performance issues and other stuff that we are numbed about, and still could not do anything about it.

Not long ago i found JPEXS Flash Decompiler. So I gave that a try for other Flash Projcts. But I had totally forgotten about the Flash used on our Website. I guess it was beacsue we have been simply exahausted using so many Flash Decompilers which all has ended with us being dissapointed. So we did not give JPEXS a chance at all.

But 4 days ago was I reminded of the Flash used on our Website, and I decided to give JEPXS a try and see if it would Decompile the SWF to FLA first.

I decompiled the SWF Flash files to FLA and it went incredibly fast. But I wasnt finished yet. I had to Edit the FLA and PUBLISH it as a SWF file to see if the original images had lost its true Colors or not.

So when I was finished editing the FLA it was time to Debug and Build the FLA to SWF. Thats what we exactly did. The next thing I noticed was the SIZE of the SWF which was EXACTLY the same as the ORIGNAL file SWF. I could not belive when I saw the size first. But now it was time to see if the IMAGES had lost its true colors which is the main thing needed.

And guess what, The Images were CLEAN as I could ever imagine, I was simply surprised and totally shocked. I thought I was dreaming. Thats how important it was for me to find a Product that did the job which none of the Flash Decompilers has done. BUT EVERYTHING CAME OUT SO SMOOTH AND IT ALL TOOK LESS THAN 2 Minutes. While we have earlier used 3-5 months just with the Images.

I am here to Thank you guys for the Amazing Software. You guys have saved me a lot of headache. I am not sad to have wasted 3 years of my life trying other Flash Products which all has ended with a failure. But nothing is too late.

I have also noticed that you guys have made huge efforts by making good Progress with the latest Updates and Version of JPEXS Flash Decompiler.I am mostly happy for we no longer need to Download the required PlayerGlobal.swc file each and every time we have to edit a Flash file. That was kinda Pain with the old versions.

At this time I can sadly not afford to Donate to you guys even though I want to do so. And therefor I decided to write you guys instead to show how much appereciated we as Users are. I have spoken about JPEXS to many collegaues and friends and I will continue to do so, especially after what I exprienced 4 days ago with our own Flash used on our Website.

I can simply not believe that there is a Product out there that people like myself did not know about.

Thank you very much.

Regards Manager (China Aka Mike)

PS, Feel free to add my story in public on your Website. i have no problem with that.

JPEXS note: The playerglobal.swc file is still needed for AS3 direct editation for the compiler to check for the class/method signatures. The user probably downloaded it earlier or the EXE installer dit it for him, that's why it does not ask anymore.