Nightly builds (BETA)

These application builds are fresh compiled right from the repository. Please consider them as unstable BETA

Actual revision can be downloaded here:
Installer (Windows): Installer (Windows)ffdec_10.0.0_nightly1649_setup.exe (9,763 KiB)windows Downloads: 24

ZIP (Windows, Linux, Mac OS): ZIP (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) (10,700 KiB)windowslinuxmacosx Downloads: 27

DEB package (Linux): DEB package (Linux)ffdec_10.0.0_nightly1649.deb (10,704 KiB)linux Downloads: 24

Mac OS X Installer (pkg): Mac OS X Installer (pkg)ffdec_10.0.0_nightly1649.pkg (10,707 KiB)macosx Downloads: 6

Mac OS X Application (zipped): Mac OS X Application (zipped) (10,703 KiB)macosx Downloads: 3

Library only (Java SE) - Zipped: Library only (Java SE) - (3,103 KiB)java Downloads: 2
JAR file SHA1:4d4e04a12d1ed38e0e476a4d82b63a50667e32de

Release date:

Nightly changeslog

  • Issue #1240 AS search using multiple threads when parallel speedup is enabled
  • Issue #1308 Search by all P-code files in AS3
  • Issue #1333 Exporting sprites as swf files
  • Issue #1365 Allow to configure all types of configuration settings from command line
  • Issue #1369 Allow zoom in sprite (and button) export
  • Issue #1327 P-code editing: error message and syntax highlighting fixed when instruction name contains upper cased letter
  • Issue #1343 AS 1/2 direct editation critical bug
  • Issue #1348 Cannot properly export frame with cyrillic symbols to SVG
  • Issue #1354 Various FLA export problem fixes
  • Issue #1367 Raw edit conditional type fix.

Detailed changes

You can view detailed changeslog on GitHub repository:
- from last stable here: FFDec GitHub - Changes from 10.0.0 to nightly 1649
- all time changes here: FFDec GitHub repository changeslog

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