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#1043 PNG Images come out at lower resolution
Author: user SDragon
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Type: bug
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> What steps will reproduce the problem? Insert any SWF and click on the images folder. Click export selection. > What is the expected output? What do you see instead? Images are not the same quality as what is shown inside the application. I notice blue/purple pixelation around and in the images of the png graphics, almost like it's being downsampled to 8bit resolution. > What version of the product are you using? Is it "nightly build"? Which operating system do you have? Using the latest 6.0.1 windows installed build on an Oracle VM Machine, but have also verified on my Toshiba Laptop also running Windows XP SP3. > Please provide any additional information below. If the problem is related to a SWF file, attach it here, otherwise we can't help you. I don't recall this happening before and once I went back and installed v2.1.4, the images are all being exported properly.
Please attach your swf file, otherwise we can't help you. If you select "PNG/GIF/JPG" export mode, the original bytes will be exported withour any quality loss.
I've attached warfare-1944.swf as an example. Even when I use the option "PNG/GIF/JPG" export mode, many of the images, especially if you look at the smoke, it doesn't come out the same as seen in the application.
Downloadwarfare-1944.swf (8,450 KiB)
Ok, with which image do you have problem? I exported them, and all of them seems to be ok. Are you sure that your image viewer is supporting transparent png files correctly? See the attached images.
Please see the following attachments. One is done with JPEXS 2.1.4 and exports the images perfectly. The other is using JPEXS 6.0.1 on the same system and you can see the difference in image quality. I've been in QA for over 10 years so I know how issues can be very specific to environment, OS conditions, etc, but I just found it weird that two versions of the same application behaved differently. Anyways, I also know that until you can reproduce it yourself, there won't be much happening, so feel free to address this report as you see fit. Best Regards
DownloadJPEXS-214.JPG (41 KiB)DownloadJPEXS-601.JPG (41 KiB)
Is this image ok?
Download310.png (38 KiB)
No, I've attached the 310.png graphics that my JPEXS 2.1.4 exports. You'll notice that yours is a lot darker than mine. Mine is more closer to what is actually being shown inside the JPEXS application (both 2.1.4 and 6.0.1) when clicking on the image folder and scrolling down to (310.png).
Download310.PNG (0 B)
Sorry, retrying.
Download310.PNG (37 KiB)
I think that the dark image is the correct original image, so FFDec 2.1.4 export is wrong. In FFdec it is not dark, because it shows the image as it is shown by the flash player. It does some "magic", premultiplies the alpha values somehow. In FFDec preview, it is not a transparent image. I've attached the RAW bytes extracted from your swf file. DefineBits3 tag contains a JPG image (145x137 pixels) and an alpha data, which is 1 byte for each pixel (145x137=19865 bytes) I calculated manually the pixel at position (57, 31)... (0,0) is the top left pixel. In the JPEG it has the following values: R=13, G=9, B=0, A=255 4552. byte (0x11c8) in the alpha file: 17 (0x11) In the correct exported file (FFDec 6.0.2): R=13, G=8, B=0, A=17... The 1 difference in the green component should be some jpeg decoding rounding "problem". In the wrong file (FFDec 2.1.4) R=195, G=135, B=0, A=17 I also noticed that the JPG export of this image is really wrong. It is purple, green, blue, as it is in your JPEXS-601.jpg file.
Downloadimage.jpg (3 KiB)Downloadalpha.dat (19 KiB)