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#1109 SVG Import functionality.
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Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: Shapes
State: closed Help

Hello, im requesting the ability to import SVG files to be added to a shape object. Functionality could be implemented as follows: 1. Add new DefineShapeTag to the shapes list. 2. Right click the new shape and click "Replace..." 3. Select the SVG file from your file system. And then the SVG is parsed into the shape object.
I think this is a duplicate of issue #522. It is not an easy task...
I did a quick check for duplicates but must have missed that one. You are right it will not be easy. Can we simplify it to just getting in the StraightEdgeRecords, CurvedEdgeRecords and one main fill color for now? and nothing else fancy.
But you can import a Shape tag from another SWF. So you can create a new SWF with Adobe Flash, and copy the Shape to your target SWF. This is what you can do now. I think you have to wait for a long long time until this feature will be implemented.
Ah i was not aware how the shape copying worked, that is a good solution for now. Thank you.
Ok, please subscribe to #522, so you will get a notification when it is implemented. I close this one.
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#522 updated