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#522 Shape replacement - SVG Import
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Type: feature
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Hi! Can you add the ability to change shape? I have edited svg file in a vector editor but found that the back can not be inserted. Whether it is an opportunity to appear in the future?
Now (with the latest nightly build) you can replace a shape with a bitmap image. I know, that you want to import a vector image, but currently it is not possible. Maybe later.
Ну, хоть что то. Спасибо. Но буду ждать импорт векторных картинок)
Well, at least something. Thank you. But I will wait for the import of vector images)
Since some weeks ago you can replace a shape from another swf. See issue #864
Title: Shape replacement→Shape replacement - SVG Import
Necromunger: You asked this in issue #1109: "Can we simplify it to just getting in the StraightEdgeRecords, CurvedEdgeRecords and one main fill color for now? and nothing else fancy." In the latest nightly I've implemented a very very very basic SVG import. You can import paths (moveto, lineto and curveto commands), use solid color fill (fill="#ABCDEF" format +fill-opacity), line colors (stroke="#ABCDEF" format) and stroke-width. It should work with simple (not holey shapes which has 2 or more point series) single shapes. Matrix transformations are ignored in this version. I'll improve it a little bit, but the problem is that SVG knows much more than SWF, for example cubic Bézier curves (SWF supports only quadratic Bézier curves). SWF has no basic shapes (rectangle, circle, ellipse, they should be converted to straight and curved edges), so a lot of work.
You should enable SVG import functionality in Advanced Settings/Import/Enable experimental SVG import
In the latest nightly the SVG import was improved. Now you can import cubic Bezier curves, basic shapes (rectangle, circle, ellipse, line, polyline, polygon) It accepts now other fill types (color names, e.g "red", rgb(r, g, b) format). Supports transformations (matrix, translate, rotate, skewX, skewY, scale) Suppotts some new styles, including for example: stroke-opacity, opacity, linecap, linejoin, miterlimit We are still working on: - other fill styles - "arc" command in Paths. After this improvements FFDec will be able to import those SVGs, which were exported by FFDec. But SVG knows much more, which can't be supported in shapes (not complete list): - texts - filters - interactivity, scripts - animations
Implemented in the latest nighlty: - other fill styles (gradient fill, bitmap fill) - "arc" command in Paths. So now FFDec should be able to import those SVGs which were exported by it. If you find any problem with re-importing SVGs (which where exported by FFDec), please report it (bug). Importing other SVGs can have problems, not all SVG features are supported. Please check the log after import. In this case you can create a feature request, we will implement it or answer if it is not possible in flash. Known SVG features which are not supported: - texts - filters - interactivity, scripts - animations - pattern fill (except when the pattern is an inline image)
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I close this issue due to inactivity. Please create new issue if you find any problem
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