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#1141 Change shape size
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Hi, I'm trying to change the size of the shapes\DefineShape2(3), to match the size of the embed image of shapes\DefineShape2(2), as exemplified on the attach image: size.png Google results got me close to the solution But on this issue, the solution was changing the size in sprites/DefineSrpite (2:CursorMenu)/frame1/PlaceObject2 (1) Depth: 2, but the image shapes\DefineShape2(3) doesn't appear on the sprites I'll the attach the swf: bandeau.swf And the image in question: logo_GRDF.jpg
Downloadsize.png (84 KiB)
forgot the other files
Downloadbandeau.swf (160 KiB)Downloadlogo_GRDF.jpg (8 KiB)
Open frames/frame1 Right click on PlaceObject2 (3) Click raw edit Press Edit button, open matrix node Ckech the hasScale property set ScaleX to 65535 (this means the original size) set ScaleY to about 50000 (you need to find the correct value) I assume that you want to align the bottom of the image. In this case you should find the correct value for translateY property also... The value is in twips. 1 pixel is 20 twips
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Thanks for the quick response, it's exactly what I needed, thanks :D
I close this issue due to inactivity. Please create new issue if problem still exists.
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