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#1149 Replace in script commandline question.
Author: user z4k
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Type: question
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Hi, This is awesome, but I would like to do some automation, in the gui I can go to the desired script line and the on the right I can change it at pushstring, after saving the swf works fine. Now I have to make about 400 changes in 149 files, how do I do that? I tried to swap to whole as file(Error: Bad Commandline Arguments!), which is a good option extract first and make changes via script before handing the file to your program. Or is there a more direct way, like what i'm doing on the gui? Speed in not an issue so extract, edit, replace would be fine. All changes are different but use the same function() and I would only swap the parameters, they show up as pushstrings an the right, btw. Sorry for the noob question, I don't know flash at all, but I see all the hard work in this project and Thanks for that. And the answer. Z
Oh above I posted the wrong error. This is what I'm trying to run: java -jar "c:\Program Files (x86)\FFDec\ffdec.jar" -replace "somepath\some.swf" script This is what I get: I/O error during reading.
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Thank You, works like a charm!! Keep up the good work!
Oh, one more thing, when I replace with ffdec 7.1.2 1257 it makes a different sized file than ffdec 7.1.2 stable, why is that?
Good question, please attach the oiginal and the 2 modified files + the imported pcode file.
Well I realize I'm using as3 to replace and its experimental, anyway here. Do you think I should use pcode? Complex regexes needed for that, I get by with easy ones now, and they will work after a game update I guess. Just now I see that I can position some lines back in pcode each time there is a match and I wont need more complex regexes, I'm almost sure they wont change the function just the parameters they pass. Still my solution now is cleaner (and already done) if you say its safe, I handle hundreds of these files so cant test all of them thoroughly. Anyhow I hope you still find the file useful. (136 KiB)
Actually both instances of this "replaced" file works in the game, as far as I could know, they do what I want.
Earlier you wrote "pushstring" so i thought that you replaced the pcode. Ok If you replaced the script, it could happen, because the compiler was changed by JPEXS since the last stable build. (Pcode editing is much stable, it was not changed) I suggest you to use pcode editing, we can't guarantee that direct editation works always. (Of course we can't guarantee anything, also pcode editing, but it is much more stable, and we will fix the bug much faster if you report any problem)
Okay, I'll do that. Thanks!
I close this issue due to inactivity. Please create new issue if problem still exists.
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