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#1179 Button sound doesn't appear in the exported fla file
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: FLA exportSound
State: closed Help

Export the file to fla, and there should be some sound on the frame "Down" of the button. Decompiler version : nightly build on windows
Downloadbutton.swf (1 KiB)
Same request as in issue #1194, please attach the original fla. Or if you want to help more, find the problematic/missing xml tag in fla/DOMDocument.xml :) (fla file is a zip, which contains xmls + other resources)
I regenerated a similar one since the file has been deleted. (sorry) Something was wrong with `Symbol 4.xml`: the `DOMFrame` lost all information about sound.
Exporting button sounds to FLA was implemented in nightly 1852.
State: new→upgraded
State: upgraded→closed