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#1272 JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler 9.0.0 Simplified Chinese language update
Author: user dayanzai
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Type: other
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State: closed Help

Hi,Dear friends I come from China, it is a hobby shared by software, and help foreign language translation localization software development authors. My name is: 王晨旭 (Chenxu Wang) I have sent a message to: <> I help you translate the latest update Simplified Chinese language, I hope you can add to the update to the new version. If a new language to be translated, you can contact me by email, I will help you to complete the language translation as soon as possible. I hope you will be able to develop more excellent free software, I want to thank you on behalf of Chinese users, thank you. I wish you success and happiness.
Hi, thank you for your contribution! I added your changes to nightly build 1547. As new translator of Chinese translation, please subscribe to issue #355 and continue communication there. Also subscribing to issue #354 makes you receive information about new strings to translate. I close this 1272 issue since I'd like to have only one issue per translation. Have a nice day!
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