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#1281 SWF Fonts Space problem
Author: user michalss
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
State: closed Help

I have a problem with swf fonts again. Spacing between chars has been fixed, but now it seems that there is "space" char broken. It makes a huge space between words now :( What i did was, export font call "DIN Next LT Pro Condensed", then add cz missing characters, import TTF to windows. Open GFX file and replace/add missing chars as usual, then hit set advance value button and save. IN the game all prev missing chars look perfect, but space is broken as you can see.. Look at the attached screen...
"replace/add missing chars as usual" - I don't know what's usual for you, tell us exactly what buttons you press. There are two ways of adding characters. Also try it again with as small changes as possible. For example replacing only one character.
by button OK next to add characted textfield was adding this "ÁÉÍÝŇĚŽŘĎŠŤČÓÚŮáéíýňěžřďšťčóúů"
Try nightly build 1521 - I did some changes. It might help.
seems to be OK so far.. :) thx a lot. Pls make sure it stay this way :D
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