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#1289 Variables used in inner functions in local registers
Author: user abbulssa
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to: admin JPEXS
State: closed Help

Problem to insert variables.. I'v been using 'JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler' well.. But there's something the matter with this file.. This swf movie is game that hit the answer. Answer is putting 8 carrots into a basket. I insert 2 variables into this actionscript frame 2691. line 7 : var kk = 1; line 8 : var ss = "ks"; But there is a problem. I never hit the answer. There is no use removing 2 lines as original. So what's the problem?? There is 2 attachments.
Download0003.swf (3,905 KiB)Download0004.jpg (400 KiB)
So, the situation is: 1) On the beggining the SWF game works (correct carrots) 2) Then you edit frame 2691 and add the two variables, hit save 3) Now when you run the SWF game, it does not work as in 1), true? Also please try these steps: 1) Reset the SWF as was before modification 2) Pres edit button on frame 2691 3) insert a space on the beginning of the script and then remove that space (this way "Save" button gets enabled and you can use it to save same code) 4) Press that save button and main save button on the top panel 5) Try to run the SWF file again and tell us whether it works now or not We need to know whether there is problem even when nothing changed or the wrong part is really inserted with those two variables. Unfortunately, I cannot test it myself. I tried to run that game and I don't understand language of the game - I don't know what to do to try the critical part myself.
I tried it. 1/1-3: True 2/5: Wrong
JPEXS: Attached simplified swfs. Open 0003_modified_ok.swf in a browser, drag the 8 carrots to the basket, accepts it Edit frame23 DoAction tag in this swf in FFDec (enough to recompile without modification) (This will be the 0003_modified_wrong.swf) Try it again in browser, drag the 8 carrots to the basket => wrong
Thanks for your interest.. JPEXS, honfika. Attached honfik's swfs(changed 1 frame - gotoAndPlay to 'gotoAndStop' ) I suppose it doesn't variables matter.. Tried inserting and removing a space in frame 23 But the result is the same.. still doesn't work.
Hi, I did some changes. In nightly 1553, it should work now. You can download nightly build here: Please try it.
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Title: Problem to insert variables..→Variables used in inner functions in local registers
Assigned:admin JPEXS
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