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#1336 regex, and too much int() unint()
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Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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when the file have regex compile it 2 times it will say error example this if(_loc9_ == ChatDict.CHANNEL_PRIVATE) { _loc5_ = /^\/(?P<obj1>[^ ]+) +(?P<obj2>[^ ]+)/; _loc6_ = param1.match(_loc5_); if(_loc6_ == null) { return; } _loc3_ = _loc6_["obj1"]; _loc4_ = _loc6_["obj2"]; } compile that 2 times it will throw error + when you look the source code all function turns to blank with virtual next to them virtual function blah blah next is if (_loc_8 == 3) { param1.time.checkTime(); _loc_3.overDue = param1.time.getEndTime().time / 1000; } each compile it adds uint() xD i compile too much so heres the result if(_loc8_ == 3) { param1.time.checkTime(); _loc3_.overDue = uint(uint(uint(uint(uint(uint(uint(uint(uint(uint(uint(uint(uint(param1.time.getEndTime(). time / 1000))))))))))))); }
hmm i see ^_^.. how about the regex? thing ... my example at the top ... it compile 1st run then 2nd run all function turns to virtual..