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#1385 Tool: mitmproxy over the wire debug capability injection (request for comments)
Author: user muhbytes
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Type: other
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State: new Help

I wrote a script for mitmproxy that runs -enabledebugging -injectas3 on SWFs as you load them in the browser. It still needs some work but essentially it is functional currently. Ill probably make a github project for it at some point but for the moment, it's attached. Why: The built in proxy can't do this automatically, and I had some issues with it. At the cost of the inconvenience of learning to use another tool, mitmproxy is simply much better than the built in proxy because its specialized for such things. Features: * -enabledebugging -injectas3 on all SWFs that are requested through the proxy (you can run other commands by modifying the source appropriately) * some simple caching so you can do stuff with the files on disk: the hashes in the filenames correspond to the original SWF, not the files on disk. * -export all on all swfs Issues: * A bit of an annoyance is that a script blocking also blocks mitmproxy * lack of some error handling *lack of configurability, but its a small script so just do what you need Usage: mitmproxy -e -s ' --ffdec ./ffdec.jar --swfcache ./cache' the --ffdec and --swfcache options are optional, the defaults are ./ffdec.jar and ./cache MITMProxy functions as usual. (please see mitmproxy documentation) (7 KiB)
See also #1209
There appears to be an issue with line numbers, which makes breakpoints useless. As seen in the previous comment, I found #1209, similar to which I've been using/attempting to use FlashDevelop's remote debugging feature. It works, minus the screwed up line numbers. I've been in contact with honfika, who mentioned that there's supposed to be an issue about this somewhere that he couldn't find; but I couldn't find it either, so I will open a new issue just in case. Worst case it can just be closed as a duplicate.