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#1209 Debug SWF running in browser
Author: user focus
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Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: DebuggerProxy
State: new Help

Hey, it's been awhile since my last FR or bug report, you are made a very great progress since that times, really glad to see you're keep working on the FFDec, keep it on! So, to the case. Would be awesome to be able to somehow attach to the existing Flash Player debugger running somewhere in the browser. Example: I have swf which works only from browser (let say it was set up as replacement for the real online swf using Fiddler's AutoResponder). I open that swf in the Firefox with installed debug Flash Player. Would be great to be able to debug that swf through the FFDec somehow. I probably asking for the impossible thing, not sure if you're leveraging usual debug player in your debugger or not, just would like to know what do you thing about such feature. Cheers!
Hi, Ad "Fiddler's AutoResponder", we already have similar feature - the proxy, see / I already got that idea that this way we could integrate the debugging into it, so each file(or optinally) coming through will have debug info attached and it might be then debugged right from the browser. So it's definitely not impossible thing. It's rather GUI thing - the debugger is implemented, we must only figure out how to make it in the UI and integrate with our proxy.
focus: You can't debug any swf file, you need to prepare the swf before debugging. So it is not possible to connect to any swf which comes from fiddler's autoresponder, that swf should be modified first. When you start the debugging in FFDec first it adds the debug information, and saves this modified file, ans starts the debug flashplayer with this file. So I think it is possible to use Fiddler + browser, but not with any file, that file should be prepared first with FFDec. Or use our embedded proxy, we can make it to automatically modify the swf for debugging.. i think it would be quite easy... the only problem that our proxy does not support HTTPS.
Hey guys! Thanks for your quick answers. I have a full control on the swf which I wish to debug (I use it in the AutoResponder to force my swf instead of online original one), so it would be totally fine to let FFDec prepare my swf for debugging and re-save it in that prepared state. Though FFDec still needs to be attached to my swf when browser starts running it in the debug Flash Player. And here comes another problem or I can't see how to achieve that =\ I tried to use built-in proxy, but in my case swf on the website is loaded over https, that's why I used fiddler with root certificate after all.
Haha silly me! I can debug it right from the Flash Deveop (using standard remote debug session), lol, sorry guys, this case can be closed now.
No, debugging right in the browser (through proxy or somehow without it) is correct feature request. We will definitely implement it no matter you want it or not :-). I thought about it earlier too.
focus: You have the original source code? Or how can you debug it with flash develop? Or Flash Develop has it's own decompiler? If you use the source code decompiled with FFDec, the line numbers should be wrong.
Yeah, I've decompiled target swf to the source and can compile it back using Flash Pro. I use FD as a code editor and compile actual swf through the Flash Pro. And FD can debug the code using remote debugger session, everything works perfectly fine for me now, I just forgot FD has that remote debug feature.
@JPEXS glad to hear that, it would be a great addition to the FFDec feature set!
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