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#1735 Export multiple opened sfw at the same time.
Author: user bendknee
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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State: new Help

Seems to be the same as issue #1051 Exporting multiple files. According to #1051 the feature has been added in 6.0.2 but it does not seem to be present as of version 14.4.0 Things tried: Selecting all opened swf with ctrl+a --> export selection --> Only exports the first selected swf. Export all parts with everything selected (ctrl+a) (not working). After looking in the menus and searching for a button or some clue nothing seems to allow a multi file export. So coming to the feature request: It would be great if export selected would export multiple files to separate directories(maybe named after the swf file) Or at least have a way to interact with the decompiler from command line, thus allowing for the creation of a script which calls it for different files.