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#179 AS3 hasNext instead of foreach (wrong precontinue)
Author: user focus
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: AS3
State: closed Help

Hey, please, take a look at the attached file. Class com.junkbyte.console.core.Graphing Method update This line: for(;interests hasNext _loc5_;group.updateMinMax(v)) oO Whole method looks strange actually... this is how that method looks like originally (similar to, since I have 2.6 beta in swf, but 2.6 release on re/
Scratch it, sorry, link contains too different code revision. Here is how it should look like: for each (i in interests) { try { v = i.getCurrentValue(); i.setValue(v, averaging); } catch(e:Error) { report(((((("Error with graph value for key [" + i.key) + "] in [") + + "]. ") + e), 10); remove(, i.obj, i.prop); }; group.updateMinMax(v); };
State: new→opened
Title: AS3 conditions decompilation issue→AS3 hasNext instead of foreach (wrong precontinue)
issue is similar to #137, which is in paused state. I uploaded some examples to that issue.
version 1.6.5 was released. This should be fixed, try it.
State: opened→upgraded
Yeah, decom;iles great now, thanks!
State: upgraded→closed