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#1850 Debugging SWF from browser
Author: user zzVertigo
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Type: question
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Labels: DebuggerProxy
State: new Help

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to use the debugger feature to debug an SWF from a remote player rather than just using the flash content debugger. For example with fdb you can connect to a local/remote player. Thanks!
Hi, debugging from browser was already discussed in the issue #1209 - you should definitely see it. The problem is that SWF to be debuggable by our decompiler, it must be "instrumented" first. We must inject debug instructions in it, and this instrumented SWF must be then used for debugging. So there must be a way to replace the original SWF coming from server with its instrumented variant - so something like Man in the middle proxy. We have a proxy tool in our decompiler, but it 1) does not do the debug instrumentation 2) has no support for HTTPS protocol, which is pretty much a standard now 3) There exist many other better proxy tools which may do a better job. But they do not feature the debug instrumentation, so this needs to be implemented somehow separately. Like "Save as debug instrumented..." or something. Currently, we do not plan to update decompiler / add new features in the future. But this seems to be an interesting idea.