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#2012 JPEXS Free Flash Decomplier is trying to destroy my Computer from Lags.
Author: user uy813
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Type: other
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Labels: Performance
State: new Help

when i open jpexs and start personalizing flash games, after 5 or 7 minutes, the lag is about to start and becoming frozen. they could also freeze all of my programs and my cursor. luckily, i opened task manager and got rid of JPEXS before everything got frozen. what? i have my old windows 8.1 computer! and you think i need a new one, well i can't! i live in moldova. me and my family is poor! Jpexs will lag everyday when i personalize flash games. can you please add the feature and options to get rid of lags? thank you.
What version of the decompiler do you use? Also please try a nightly version (2534+), that might be better.
i have latest version of jpexs