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#278 help me
Author: user serde
Date created:
Type: question
Visibility: Everybody
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State: ignored Help

Hello, I'm attached to my thread to cheat codes for every game bulabiliyor exactly are we following? I find example code facebook game Mercenaries of War, but I've found I need to put the code to work alone 47 47 47 47 please help me thank's How
You're missed your forum.
hmm, I don't understand much what you want from me. Please be more specific. What does "put the code to work alone 47 47 47 47" mean?
Well, first I want to thank a very nice program that gave facebboktaki I do not know how to set up each game, but help me please find the code you want to learn
I am closing this issue as it continues to #280.
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