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#620 Canvas export interractivity improvement
Author: user psykauze
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: Canvas export
State: new Help

Dear devs, There is still some issues on canvas/svg/etc... exports. When I RE frames.html, I see the frames are showed frame by frame from start to end without any support of interractivity. Maybe you could make a *.fla (or *.swf) to Canvas translator directly unless decoding from internal viewer and let the user to "optimize" the result. A kind of p-code to html code function to function. Sincerely.
The answer is the same as in issue #619. It is impossible. Maybe we can convert the p-codes to some javascript, but this is not enough. All the classes which is already implemented in flash player should be re-implemented in javascript (and in java for issue #619). It would take a lot of time, and the implementation would be much slower than the flash's native implementation.
Dear devs, This is a great decompiler. I have tried quite a few sample swfs and I am quite very happy with the outputs. Nice Work :) !! I would like to know whether there could be a possibility to export more than just canvas frames. I mean could we export these along with the actionscript code, making this an actionscript project which could be compiled via Jangaroo compiler into a Javascript application. This the link to Jangaroo project: If thats a possibility I would like to know more about it. Also I would like to work on that. Please let me know. I will be more than happy to contribute. Sincerely, Yogesh
yogicxl: See the answer in #778 Personally I'd be happy if you can help us to integrate jangaroo.