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#898 [Translation] new text to translate?
Author: user capasha
Date created:
Type: question
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Assigned to: admin JPEXS
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State: closed Help

I saw that Czech got updated. I wonder if there is missing translated text?
There are new texts to translate. But we forget to inform the translators. I must create some better system for translator notifications...
Assigned:admin JPEXS
There is a thread that I follow. I'm subscribed to it: /
Yesterday i added the missing translation to issue #354 Later you can subscribe to an automatic email notification when a new resource is commited to the repository. JPEXS is working on it. You can also check the missing texts in ffdec. Just in advanced settings / Debug enable "show debug menu" option, then restart ffdec. In the rippon you can find a new category: Debug. Select here the check resources, then select your language code from the dropdown. Here you can see the texts which are not translated to the selected language.
Where is the dropdown menu? I'm in "check resources". And if I change the language in settings it shows the same as in English. This is all I see:
Sorry, you need to check it in the latest nightly build. Always the latest nightly has the latest resource texts.
Thanks. Now does it exist a dropdown. :)
You new texts were added. It is included in the latest nightly build. So when you open this dialog with the latest nightly, (and select sv) it should be empty. May I close this issue?
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Yes you can close it.
State: upgraded→closed