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#49 should have UNIX-style line should have UNIX-style line endingsbug closed user googleCode
#623 should be executable and have UNIX line should be executable and have UNIX line endingsbug closed user rvighne
#652 2.1.4 startup script broken 2.1.4 startup script broken bug closed user physicist
#653 Linux start script line endig problemLinux start script line endig problembug closed user loki
#681 Linux quoted parameters from other script not parsed as single fileLinux quoted parameters from other script not parsed as single filebug closed user loki
#826 should have UNIX-style line endings (again) should have UNIX-style line endings (again)bug closed user loki
#853 Windows style line ends in ffdec.shWindows style line ends in ffdec.shbug closed user physicist
#935 Java files in git repository are not eol-normalizedJava files in git repository are not eol-normalizedquestion closed user JackB
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