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#1391 Procrammatically accessible CLI interface or otherwise
Author: user muhbytes
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
State: new Help

It would be nice if FFDec had a simple but thorough CLI interface which could be used to call it programmatically. This would mean output that is easily machine-parseable and input that is easily machine-generateable. This would help alleviate/offload* issues that request better CLI features such as #1390 (TODO: any other such issues?) To complement this, or as an alternative, a publicly usable (i.e. documented) API would be great. * I'm not saying to do this so that one can tell users: "You want it, do it yourself." :P
#1365 it should be possible to set _all_ config options via CLI
#1363 tree manipulation primitives (idk how this is done internally, but i mean the tree that shows up in the GUI).
What is the problem with #1365? You can set every config settigns from command line, except some realyl internal GUI releated settings, for exmaple the recent opened files list. Did you find any comfig settigns which is not GUI releated and you can't set it from command line?
No I didn't actually look, sorry.
Though it might still be helpful to be able to set GUI options as well?
Most of the GUI options can be set from command line. But some of them are not simple strings, numbers, bools or enum values. They are complex objects. They are maps or lists. I think it is unnecessary to be able to confiure the recent file list or the last opened files (which is restored when you restart ffdec) They are not really settings, just storing some internal data.