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#207 Update SWF preview after switching external to own Flash player view and vice versa.Update SWF preview after switching external to own Flash player view and vice versa.feature closed user focus
#369 Shapes in internal viewer and SVG exportShapes in internal viewer and SVG exportbug closed user psykauze
#387 Frames preview buggedFrames preview buggedbug closed user megalol
#532 Timeline.getOutline throws IndexOutOfBoundsExceptionTimeline.getOutline throws IndexOutOfBoundsExceptionbug closed developer honfika
#533 "ObjectUnderCursor" shows wrong tagnames"ObjectUnderCursor" shows wrong tagnamesbug closed developer honfika
#586 Filter rendering bugFilter rendering bugbug closed developer honfika
#619 Interactivity supportInteractivity supportfeature new user psykauze
#751 Implement filters as shadersImplement filters as shadersfeature new developer honfika
#758 Allow zooming to bigger than the preview areaAllow zooming to bigger than the preview areafeature closed developer honfika
#760 Internal viewer line linear gradient fill is not workingInternal viewer line linear gradient fill is not workingbug closed developer honfika
#1156 9-slice scaling support (DefineScalingGrid)9-slice scaling support (DefineScalingGrid)feature closed user Brandon
#1564 DefineVideoStream IssueDefineVideoStream Issuebug closed user BecauseitsAitme
#1661 Slow Rendering Slow Rendering question closed user ayzick
#1676 Movie/Video preview not workingMovie/Video preview not workingbug closed user leo_os
#1678 Cannot preview some elementsCannot preview some elementsbug closed user STA20
#1684 Internal viewer: no subsprite animationsInternal viewer: no subsprite animationsbug upgraded user STA20
#1728 How Do I Stop Animations Loop?How Do I Stop Animations Loop?question opened user DarkKnight
#1748 DefineEditText renders wrong fontsDefineEditText renders wrong fontsbug closed user Akira896
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