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+ update 2020: WARNING - support of the decompiler is now VERY LIMITED. There are no active developers. This means we will NOT develop new features and/or fix most of bugs. We left the tracker running in case somebody from community would like to work on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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#210 Translation: Ukrainian, DutchTranslation: Ukrainian, Dutch other opened user pepka
#217 Translation: RussianTranslation: Russian other opened user focus
#219 Translation: HungarianTranslation: Hungarian other opened developer honfika
#224 Translation: SwedishTranslation: Swedish other opened user capasha
#315 Translation: GermanTranslation: German other opened user krock
#325 Translation: SpanishTranslation: Spanish other opened user poxyran
#354 New TranslationsNew Translations other opened admin JPEXS
#355 Translation: ChineseTranslation: Chinese other opened user rtsjx
#363 Translation: PortugeseTranslation: Portugese other opened user cenadacoisa
#468 Translation : FrenchTranslation : French feature opened user gamuti
#571 Translation: Portuguese - BrasilTranslation: Portuguese - Brasil other opened user realmaster42
#591 Translation: CatalanTranslation: Catalan other opened user jbadiella
#630 Translation: PolishTranslation: Polish other opened user Mateon1
#687 P-code comments on separate lineP-code comments on separate line feature opened user loki
#842 Recover for loopsRecover for loops feature opened user henke37
#913 Translations : Korean, JapaneseTranslations : Korean, Japanese other opened user BaDaLim
#963 Decompilation timeoutsDecompilation timeouts bug opened developer honfika
#971 forgotten assignment for increment in first lineforgotten assignment for increment in first line question opened user BeniBela
#1021 Translation: ItalianTranslation: Italian other opened user kalip
#1079 How to Globally rename identifier?How to Globally rename identifier? question opened user Suuper
#1087 Translation : ArabicTranslation : Arabic other opened user zLib
#1282 how to replace music and images in a flash?how to replace music and images in a flash? question opened user cookiefonster
#1299 How can I add instance names to movieclips?How can I add instance names to movieclips? question opened user abbulssa
#1305 IGGY File Format - fonts, etc.IGGY File Format - fonts, etc. feature opened user michalss
#1442 Can't load Iggy file.Can't load Iggy file. bug opened user masumi
#1448 Bad VirusTotal results - Hidden Malware?Bad VirusTotal results - Hidden Malware? other opened user AnApprenticeNot
#1449 Translation: TurkishTranslation: Turkish other opened user osmanoz
#1491 Save AS edit with a problem?Save AS edit with a problem? question opened user Hamrhed
#1510 Invalid SWF file, wrong signatureInvalid SWF file, wrong signature question opened user prasmatnus
#1537 Alternate JREs not workingAlternate JREs not working bug opened user PlayJoy
#1554 I can't able to open the exported .bin file in raw formI can't able to open the exported .bin file in raw form question opened user Amish2
#1588 DoAction tag for a frameDoAction tag for a frame question opened user uranreactor
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